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Footbag Museum

Promoting footbag history

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Welcome to the Footbag Museum!

We are very happy that you have visited our site and want your feedback whenever you have time to give it. Just go to our Contact Us page and give us your feedback.



100% of our profits from any of the Footbag Hall of Fame products that we sell go to help fund some of the expenses of the World Footbag Championships each year, as well as any Footbag Hall of Fame inductee ceremony during the Worlds. Please buy our Hof Legends t-shirt and Hof Footbags to help us continue to support future worlds. We plan to help pay for future investments in upcoming footbag promotions. We plan to help tournament directors by funding some of their expenses, which will make it easier for them to promote footbag. Please read our mission statement below, so you can understand what we want to accomplish. We can't do any of this without your help, so we would like to thank you in advance for your support!



Our non-signed Hof Legends t-shirts are being sold by WFA (

Our signed Hof Legends t-shirts are sold-out. Some time in late 2016, we will be printing

our 2nd version of the Hof Legends t-shirts, so come back to this page later this year to

buy a t-shirt.







Our Mission Statement

Footbag Museum has been created to promote the sport of footbag through the following efforts and activities;

1) Promote the history of the sport of footbag by displaying footbag related items on this website.

2) Promote the sport of footbag by providing mobile units to footbag tournament directors, that contain the following components;

A) Wall to wall footbag museum.

B) Built-in registration/director desk/office with electricity and air condition.

C) Removable containers that hold all footbag tournament items that are needed to run a footbag tournament.

3) Promote the history of the sport of footbag by displaying information and articles on the Footbag Hall of Fame members.

4) Promote the sport of footbag by raising funds to help the Footbag Hall of Fame membership with their promotions.

5) Promote the sport of footbag by raising funds to help footbag tournament directors throughout the world.

Houston, Texas